Examine Dynamic Discounting & Supply Chain Financing as Powerful Financial Strategies to Reduce A/P Costs & Free Up Working Capital

If you haven’t already heard of DD (Dynamic Discounting) and SCF (Supply Chain Financing), it’s time to catch up! This 2-day conference will provide you with the necessary information to better understand DD & SCF and if there is indeed significant value behind all the hype.

  • Can DD & SCF provide benefits to your organization’s overall A/P strategies, processes, and cost-savings results?
  • What’s involved with setting up a DD & SCF program?
  • What are the common roadblocks in respect to establishing DD & SCF initiatives?
  • Is it worth it?
  • What are the upfront and maintenance costs?
  • If not applied in the next 1 – 3 years, will your organization suffer due to late adoption?
  • Or, is a “wait and see” approach a better position for your business?

Don’t be left behind. Take advantage of this year’s DD & SCF conference so your organization can better plan, manage and analyze its business’s financial strategies so to ensure it meets its objectives in 2017 and beyond

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